What we plan to do

Hiwa K, Cooking with Mama at Occupy Berlin

Series of webcast cooking events initiated by Hiwa K entitled Cooking with Mama will be held in various public spaces in Berlin and places that have been Occupied. There will be a cooking event in May 19th during the Transeuropa festival.

Each time Hiwa’s mother, who lives in Iraq, will pass  one of her recipes to her son over Skype. Hiwa will translate her words from Kurdish into German or English to the willing participants. We believe that at the same time there will be group of people translating into different languages, forwarding the instructions to other countries.

In the course of next warmer months we want Cooking with Mama to develop and evolve, and become a sustainable occurrence. But most importantly we  want to unite people in public space and those outside Berlin to join us online.

For this to come to shape we are looking for everyone interested to take part. If you are interested in getting involved – whether you are keen to cook, help organise, lend a pot, watch or just eat with us – please  join our facebook group or send us an email.
The project is process oriented, includes people’s involvement and is open to your suggestions.


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